Unlimited Design Projects
Create and seamlessly manage unlimited design projects using our Project Management software and always know the status of your projects. Our team of designers can craft anything from logo design, websites, business card design, flyers, and just about anything you can imagine.

Any Design Work

Your team of designers can create logos, flyers, posters, ads, marketing materials, and any design work you can imagine.

Complete Re-Designs

Not happy with your website or App? Let your team have a stab at it and see how much they can improve your website/App.

Any Programming Work

You'll have talented developers ready to take on many programming projects ranging from website, to apps, and even software.

Make Updates

Once given access, your team can make updates for your website/App and even maintain it to ensure it's optimized.

Hosting & Manage

Don't want to deal with servers, hosting, emails, and all that fun stuff? Your team can take over ALL your hosting/management needs.

Your Genius Advisors

Your team-mates are your genius advisors and can help advise you anything technology/branding/marketing related.

How it works

Create a Project

Create a project and have your team get started working right away.

Review & Feedback

Review design and give feedback if necessary

Finalize & Download

Finalize the design and we'll have it prepared to download

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  • Unlimited Plan

    Ideal for marketing teams and small businesses
    Unlimited Design Projects

    Dedicated Project Manager

    Dedicated Designer

    24/7 Support


  • Unlimited Plus Plan

    Ideal for Startups
    Unlimited Design Projects

    Full Web/App Design



    Dedicated Project Manager

    Dedicated Designer

    24/7 Support


  • Hire a Designer

    Need to hire a Designer full time?
    We offer custom plans for hiring designer(s) full time to be a part of your team

    Get a Quote

A $250 Enrollment fee is waived for 1st time members
We offer 30 day 100% money back guarantee with our services
Terms of Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely no hidden fees. The package price is exactly what you pay on a monthly basis. All taxes and fees are included in that price.

What do you mean by UNLIMITED designs?

We really do mean Unlimited, no catch to it at all. The only catch is how much your team can handle. Your dedicated team will take on ONE project at a time, and as soon as they complete one project, they will move onto the next project. Some projects take longer and some are quick, so you can create as many projects as you want, and your team will tackle them one at a time.

What do you mean by UNLIMITED programming?

Your team will be able to code just about anything you throw at them. Whether it’s a website, plugin, Drupal module, fixing an iOS App, or creating a custom feature on your platform.

Am I locked into any long term contracts?

Not at all, you are enrolled on a month to month basis. You can cancel your plan anytime, however if you wish to re-enroll there is a $250 Enrollment fee to re-enroll you.

What does DEDICATED mean? Is my team ONLY working for me and no one else?

Dedicated means you won’t be passed around from person to person. You will be working with a dedicated team that fully understand your company and your needs.  Your team will be working with other clients, however we dedicate specific slot of time for each client to ensure your projects receive the proper care and attention from your team.

Do you make Canceling difficult?

Absolutely not. We’re not a fan of companies that trick their customers into signing up “risk free” only to make the canceling process complicated. You don’t have to write us a letter, jump through a hoop of fire, or give us a virgin’s blood for cancellation. Simply tell your project manager you want to cancel, email us directly at squirtle@waterfrontmedia.co. The only question we ask if “What could we have done better to keep you?”

How many people will be on my team?

That depends on which package you choose. If you choose the $349 Business package, then you will be working with a Project Manager and a Designer. Enterprise Plan for $649’s team consist of Project Manager, designer, and programmer. Custom plans can include more team members.

What if I don't like someone on my team?

If you don’t like any member of your team, please let your project manager know and we will replace your team member with another talent. If you don’t like your project manager, please contact us at squirtle@waterfrontmedia.co and we will assign a new team for you.

How many hours a month will my team work on my projects?

Your team will spend anywhere from 10-15 hours per month working with you. In our industry our developers and designers have a collective rate of anywhere from $85 – $125 per hour depending on seniority.

Can you make me a full Website with the Business Plan?

Absolutely. But do keep in mind that your team may not have the man power to crank out the website within a month. If you need your work expedited, your project manager can give you a custom quote for adding on additional designers and developers to expedite your website.

Can I get a Full iOS App developed?

Yes, with the Enterprise Plan. Your project manager will work with you to determine how large/complicated your App is and if the current plan is enough to complete it. In the case that your App is too complicated and require additional resources, your PM can give a custom quote of how much it will cost to fully develop your App within a shorter time frame.