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What is Marketing Discovery?

A process of discovering and uncovering a company’s actual marketing needs.  Discovery will save time and money since you will know exactly what your company is lacking in and what steps are necessary to accomplish your goals.

Is Marketing Discovery Right For You?

We work with companies ranging from small businesses to fortune 500 uncover their true needs and learn what will help their organization the most through an intensive 3 weeks Discovery process. Throughout this process, we work closely with your team to thoroughly learn your marketing needs and figure out the best course of action for your organization.

Should you hire us for Discovery?

Below are some of the reasons why partners have hired us to help them
Discovery their business/idea

“We don’t have any idea how to market or advertise ourselves”

Probably the most common reason for doing Discovery is if you have never had success with online marketing and want to further understand what’s actually going to work instead of continue to waste money.

“We’ve wasted a lot of money and haven’t gotten a return of investment.”

Chances are you’ve worked with a company and paid them a good amount to perform a particular service without any real strategy behind it.  A good example is hiring a social media company to manage your social accounts for you hoping that posting on social media would somehow click something.

“We want to know what our competitors are doing and how we can stay competitive in our industry.

Our Discovery process also takes a look at your competitors and we compare you to your competitor to see how you stack up.  Knowing who your competitors are, their competitive advantages, and how to keep yourself competitive is crucial to develop a winning strategy.

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